Sunday, 4 November 2012

mila-moo.....& ronnie too

mila-moo.....& ronnie too
mila moo will be having a stall in Milford Surrey, in-conjunction with , where you can shop glorious gifts, decorations, clothes, things for your home & much more...come and see us and be ahead of the rest

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Hello everyone. We now have some soft hand-knitted Luxurious Cashmere baby knits for you. The pieces are unisex so boy or girl, there is something for each of your little treasures. Age range- 3mnths , 6mnths & 12mnths....a sneak preview here on the mila moo page before we add them to our website later today visit for prices.....

Cashmere handknitted Baby Booties 

Hand Knitted baby Cashmere hat & Jumper

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Dear God. It Has been 1yr since my last are my confessions......

It certainly has! and how time passes.

I think it may be easier to do a Year in Pictures, rather than babble on about what we have been doing down old West Sussex way. Yes we are still here, living the countryside dream....although my times spent in London are now so lovely and fun my love affair with it has started all over again. I was so proud of it during the Olympics (but boy was i glad i didn't live there then )

We have Good-wood and the South Downs on our doorstep, The beach is a 40 min drive and London, i can make it in an hour if i put my foot down (say 10 Hail Mary's for that one)....Children have settled beautifully and i don't think i'll ever look back. There are a wealth of things to do here, Polo is a beautiful day out for us and the children, there is always some sort of countryside fair going on not too far away.
 Petworth House is gorgeous, it has an array of celebrations, food Art and crafts plus a cracking Christmas fair which mila moo had a stall at last year.

Mila moo is getting more exposure, we sold out of our first batch of Liberty Nappy covers when Daisy Bridgewater put us in the Easter weekend edition of the Telegraph, we have been inundated ever since

available on

After a few set backs with our AW collection, we will be putting our collection online very soon. Between a very busy year, juggling mila moo, children and adjusting to our new life in the country, (you'd think we'd moved to the other side of the world!)...we think we are getting there, slowly but getting there.

Plus its 'Halloween' Soon....get your pumpkin parades photographed and put in our gallery, you could win your self a prize.

Love mila moo

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

'Best of British!'- childrens wear.....

mila moo was interviewed by CWB magazine in thier                   'Best Of British' issue championing children's wear made here in the was a no brainer for me to produce mila moo in England read on  and  you'll see why~

V I S I T  m i l a - m o o @ B U BB L E ~     L O N D O N~ stand D4

......and our website is  up and running . You can now visit our online shop & and buy SS12 while stocks last :)

Monday, 14 November 2011

YUCU NINU From Mexico

Amazing colour to brighten up any room, and i wouldnt just keep it to the kiddies bedroom either!

This fantastic array of new , hand crafted indigenous homewares, home textiles, children’s toys & embroidered clothes from Mecxico have been brought to us by two friends who have made it thier mission to help keep this dying trade alive. Everything is hand made and some take weeks even months to produce....they are unique eclectic pieces , perfect for Christmas presents...

They are being sold on Etsy-

you can also follow them on FB

This is just some of whats on offer:


Thursday, 10 November 2011

A Mothers Guilt

What are we Guilty of? What a question!...we are all guilty of something, we may share our guilt sometimes with others....and sometimes we may keep it with us till the bitter end. There are no doubt many variations to feeling could be that extra glass of wine...that last piece of cake....staying out later when you know you should be at home....talking to that person you know you ought not to. G-U-I-L-T Guilt, guilt.

My guilt of late is non of the above, i am guilty probably of all the above no doubt even worse in the past...and that's ok, as long as you live and learn. But right now its - realising here in the countryside, my son 20mnths is not really interacting very much with others, i work from home, sister at school, and other half commutes to and from the big smoke. 
little Ronnie, is very good at entertaining himself, and reading his books one by one and sitting quietly and watching his favourite programme. but i look on with pure guilt. i feel i should be taking him everywhere, do all the things i did with little girl at his age....museums....Gymboree....toddler mornings 3  times a week. Thing is those things arent here...Ronnie goes to a toddler morning every Wednesday with me. A morning walk through the country lanes. and a trip to the post office, daily...and then school pick up to get his sister. We do spend quality time together, we read, build blocks and have hugs and kisses constantly. But i feel guilty.
Am i being hard on myself....i don't think so. I know hes Happy otherwise i would see that he wasn't. But i do believe he should be doing more. oh i forgot he comes with us horse riding to watch his sister......still.....i feel guilty.
I remember feeling Guilty for a lot worse. But right now its this one that i have to get over.

What do other Mothers feel guilty about?

Monday, 31 October 2011


It was a spoooky halloween weekend down at Hill-foot cottage this weekend. we decorated the house with pumpkins galore, and the garden looked a wonderful mix of spooky/glam! with glimmering fairylights and our amazing pumpkin parade stole the show.
Our Halloween cupcakes from Belle and Boo looked especially fitting on our party table with Witches brew and Treacherous was your halloweeeeeeeeen weekend???? post your pumpkin pictures here :)...the best one will win a  pair of mila-moo Liberty print baby nappy covers in small or medium, they make a different new baby present they are divine!


Sunday, 23 October 2011

Some well earned rest time spent in Shropshire

when i was little my time growing up was spent in Shropshire. the countryside was  full of fairies, Dandelion clocks, enchanted woods and love. When i was a terrible teenager, i couldn't wait to get the rock out of there!

it seems so, that we all appreciate times past. Now I l o v e going home...and this time i can take my beautiful children too :)

Saturday, 22 October 2011

I will miss my friends......So we threw a party !

ill miss my friends said Mila. i will miss them so much. so after school one fine day, my lovely friend threw mila a lovely party- a making cupcakes party :)
mila-moo....and co

 less is er....more...but not more yummy


 ceramic heaven
 the result....

 Garden jenga!

 Emma 'silver moths' Churchley

 & Ronnie too....